Software Uninstaller (9)
Software Uninstaller consists of the programs for replace the Windows system program “Uninstall/Change” in “Programs and Features” of system, for this built-in uninstaller usually will leave some remnants, and these remnants will often slow down your computer. But Third-party uninstaller can clean up the software remnants that the Windows Add/Remove program leaves behind.

This kind of software uninstaller tools is more powerful than windows built-in uninstaller, for software uninstall tools are often with the install monitoring feature, and this will let you tracks software files as they're installed to help you make a clean uninstall at a later time. This will help you completely remove all the software components, deep clean the hidden registry items and files.

Note: You need to install the uninstaller program first, so that its monitoring feature will be active. So it’s better to install this kind of software earlier than other programs in your system.
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