DVD Ripper (32)
DVD Ripper is a kind of program for helping users rip and convert DVD to other popular video formats and multimedia devices.

Note: Since there are different laws in different countries, please pay attention to not violate the laws before using such program. We do not endorse piracy or any other illegal activities

The difference between DVD Copy and DVD Ripper
1. DVD Copy can help you bypass the commercial DVD copy encryptions, and compress DVD-9 to DVD-5, remove the regional code restrictions, create ISO or VOB files, and saved the files to the hard drive or blank discs, but it can not convert the files to any other formats, like MP4, RMVB, AVI, etc. (P.S, a few DVD Copy products provides limited DVD Ripper feature - Convert to video files)
2. DVD Ripper can enable the files to play on various devices and convert the files to the other formats, but unable to remove the protection, and cannot create the unprotected .VOB files.
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