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Audio Editor is a kind of program for audio editing, audio recording, and audio restoration. With the audio editing feature, users can easily cut, copy, delete, paste, insert parts of the audio files.

Most Audio Editor programs have the ability to optimize the audio sounds, like noise reduction, voice removal, distortions removal, click pop removal, and distortions removal.

We often use the audio editing program to deal with some of the small flaws and noise in the audio files, such as blasting, clicking and various noise. Most of the audio editing software comes with the corresponding solution, for example, Audacity, it is a free and powerful editing software, it has the ability to remove noise and click. And the more professional audio software can solve almost all audio problems.

The convenience of audio editing software is the conversion between file formats. Such as from WAV or AIFF to MP3, does not need to waste time re-export if using digital audio workstations, and some digital audio workstations have very limited file formats. But most of the audio editing software will have a lot of options, you can easily change the sampling rate or bit rate, especially when there are many separate files.

Many audio editing software can provide multi-function processing, you can set not only the file format, the file storage location, but also name changes and other operations at the same time. Once set up, simply drag all the audio files to the window (or all selected), and then edit the software can be quickly processed, that is much faster than the manually step by step operation.
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