Voice Changer (8)
Voice Changer (Wiki) Software is used for changing the user's voice when chatting on the Internet or playing the online game.

This kind of program is compatible with most Internet online phones (Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk and more).

The voice changer has rich built-in nickvoices and voice effects, that can turn your voice from men to women or women to men, and more to alien voice, cartoon voice, robot, girl, boy, ethereal, echo voice etc.,

In addition, Voice Changer also allows users to make real-time voice change of your network dialogue, and some good voice changer programs support to add background sounds, that will let the other person think you are in somewhere else.

It also supports to change the pitch and the recorded sound. In short, Voice Changer program will make your chat more interesting.
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