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We're glad to inform you that ColorMango brings you 10-lifetime licenses of the most popular video editing software VEGAS Movie Studio from the well-known video software program developer MAGIX AG.

Vegas Movie Studio is a video editing software developed by Magix. It is a downgrade version of Vegas Pro and designed for home users to make video production. It has full-featured editing features, and there are six different complex editing tools that can process multiple videos and blend them perfectly like a movie. Vegas's operation interface is mainly in black, and it is simple and easy to use. As long as you are aware of the menu bar, you can quickly get started with the software. Only you need to do is to import your photos or videos into vegas and add special effects, subtitles, and background music, and then the video is done. Its built-in interactive tutorial teaches everything you need to know. If you need an easy-to-use and highly professional video editing and production software, Vegas Movie Studio is a good choice.

Vegas Movie Studio Features

1. Modern and flexible user interface
The new user interface presents all the tools and workflows in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 in a modern way that is reasonable and easy to understand. You can easily find all the tools you need, and once you find them, you can operate the intuitive operation correctly. Not only the dark interface reduce eye strain after long edits, but it also helps you make better color assessments and corrections. Timeline event titles instantly provide important information and powerful editing tools, while modern icons make it easy to find and identify the most important tools.

2. Quick Launch Start
The Quick Launch window lets you quickly launch and use the launch dashboard, which maps the editing process in a clear, concise order. Follow the logical workflow to import files into your project, then add titles and graphics, as well as video transitions, filters, and effects. Then, once you edit your project and create a movie that exactly matches what you want, do your job and make the movie files you need to publish to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and any other way you want to share with you Masterpiece. Whenever you need help, click on the "Show how" tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

3. Easily move your footage into your project
Find all the options to add media to a convenient location in your project. Whether you're using a tape-based or file-based camera, you can quickly move your shots from a tape or card to your computer's hard drive and then into your project. These are all in one place, you can set the default method as the most commonly used method, but you can still easily use all the other methods when needed.

4. Material adjustments keep the project schedule organized
When you work fast, you sometimes find that you have split the timeline clip event into two parts, and then realize that you want the two parts to merge into one event. If you make a lot of other edits in the meantime, you can't always use Undo to fix the problem. Now it's easy to merge two previously split timeline clip events into one to clean up project schedules and simplify timeline management.

5. Powerful Editing Tools
Powerful multi-camera editing tools, advanced hover scrub technology, efficient RAM preview, high resolution (including 4K), and all other high-quality video production tools, as well as outstanding new features and technical improvements to make the editing process more reasonable.

6. Built-in Camera Image Stabilization
When you mount your camera on a bicycle, boat, sleigh, or surfboard, the videos used to capture those exciting fast-moving scenes can become unstable. But that doesn't mean that your final video can only jitter. Advanced image stabilization technology driven by ProDAD's industry-leading Mercalli V2 video stabilization technology transforms unstable performance into smooth videos.

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