A Good FREE (Previous Paid App) Android Devices Data Recovery App for Home users

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android

When we take photos with our mobile phone, some photos will be deleted if they are not taken satisfied, but sometimes we would delete the favorite photos by mistake. So how can we retrieve the photos? Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android, this FREEWARE will be a good solution to this problem.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android was paid App, and maybe limited time FREE to use. It's designed for the Android mobile phone data recovery solution. It supports 6000+ popular Android devices. It can be used to recover your deleted photos, contacts, lost call logs, voice messages, notes, Safari bookmarks, etc. It even allows recovering the third-party Apps data like WhatsApp.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android is very easy to use, as simple as connecting your mobile phone to your computer, choose the appropriate recovery mode, and click Start.

So how does it work? The results perform well. In fact, I’ve tested the software on various Android devices. I am satisfied that this FREEWARE is able to quickly restore everything from deleted contacts, bookmarks, voice memos, and notes. The most surprised me is its recovery ability. When I ran recovery software on my Android phone that was previously erased and reset securely, it did not only recover data from my phone but also restored photos that had been deleted for a few months.

Stellar has developed multiple languages for this FREE App, English, German, French, Italian & Spanish. It is compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7.

Highlighted Features
1. 3-Step Android Data recovery
2. Recovers from Internal Phone Storage
3. Recovers from Virus or Malware Infected Android
4. Search and Sort Scan Results for Quick Recovery
5. Exports Recovered Data in Multiple Formats
6. Supports Multiple Languages

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