7 Best Free and Discount PDF Password Unlocker Software

  1. Freemypdf
  2. PDF.io
  3. Free PDF Password Remover
  4. Wondershare PDF Password Remover
  5. Eltima Recover PDF Password
  6. Passware Kit Standard
  7. Comprehensive Solution
Usually, many PDF files are passwords protected, such as opening PDF files require User Password, or editing PDF files requires Owner Password. So today I introduce you 7 PDF Unlocker software to help you unlock PDF file Owner Password and User Password.

First you need to know about the 2 types of PDF passwords, so that you can easily unlock PDF passwords.
1. PDF Owner Password, it has the limitations of printing, text copying, and editing content, etc.

2. PDF User Password, it has the limitations to open the PDF document.

PDF Owner Password Unlock

It’s not difficult to unlock or remove the password. The principle of this kind of software is basically to bypass the password and then create a new PDF file without a password, so you don't need to know the password at all. You can easily remove the restricted password by using this kind of free service/software.

It is designed for unlocking PDF documents, supporting up to 400MB size of password. Just upload your PDF file and then click “I agree, do it!” It’s done!

They are also online PDF unlocking tools, but both of the online services not only support to unlock PDF files, but also provide other common PDF features.

All of the above I've mentioned are online services. In theory, online services are enough, but if you are worried about your important PDF files are leaked during the process of file uploading, you can choose a free/paid desktop PDF unlocker program.

It’s a paid PDF unlocker product that is developed by the well-known company Wondershare. The Pros of paid product is to avoid private information leaked, but the FREEWARE can not.

PDF User Password Unlock

If you know the password of one PDF file, but want to remove it, there are many ways, for example:
  1. Open an encrypted PDF and directly print a new PDF file without a password.
  2. Open an encrypted PDF file directly with the PDF editing software to remove the password, like Nitro Pro.

If you don't know the password of one PDF file, the only thing you can do is to remove the password by a PDF Unlocker program.

Eltima Recover PDF Password supports Brute-Force and Dictionary Search, and it also supports distributed password removal, which means that you can collaboratively unlock PDF files by multiple computers, and the speed will be faster.
(The developer gives a definition: Recover PDF password at the drop of a hat
Now you can search for PDF password using the network distributed search involving multiple computers at the same time, which speeds up the PDF password recovery a lot. Just choose the recovery method and connect the necessary amount of computers on the network - they'll be the search agents, and then start the search. Recover PDF Password allows using CPU partially, not interfering with computer functioning.)

PS: It is recommended to use Dictionary Search first because it’s the fastest. If you are lucky, the password unlocking process will save you a lot of time.

It’s a professional password cracking software, which can not only crack password of PDF file but can also crack many other passwords, like MS Office, Windows. Although this product is a bit more expensive than other PDF unlocker products, when you want to crack other passwords, you don’t need to buy another password cracking software.

We know that it’s a hard process to brute remove passwords. It may take a few minutes to finish, or it may be failed to work done. I noticed someone uses a new tool Hashcat to crack PDF passwords quickly.

Its principle is to first determine the encryption method, and then start to crack, you can refer to this article for more detailed information.

Please note that this method is only suitable for those people who have basic programming knowledge and skills. It is more difficult for ordinary people to use.
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