Fotor! The Handiest Online Photo Editing Platform for Bloggers and Social Media Managers

Many users use professional image processing software, such as Photoshop. But Pro image editing software has large volumes, takes up a lot of disk space, and difficult to start for new users. Today, I recommend image processing software not only includes desktop version, IOS & Android mobile version but also supports online editing. Compared with the complexity of professional image design software, it is much simpler, but its function is very powerful.

Fotor can meet almost all your requirements for editing photos. It provides us with powerful and comprehensive image editing functions, so we don't need to use multiple software for editing a single picture. Fotor is a portable mini Photoshop, and it's more convenient and exciting.

The Fotor online photo editor is very convenient. It is roughly divided into two parts: photo editing and image design. The operation steps are straightforward, which makes it easy for people without any foundation to do their work.

Photo Editing

It is effortless to import pictures to Fotor. It supports uploading images from computers, Fotor Cloud, Dropbox, and Facebook. After you open a photo in Fotor, you can use various Fotor editing tools to process your photo.

You can use Fotor to add multiple effects to pictures

Fotor can beautify portraits quickly, such as smoothing, whitening, and removing wrinkle

Besides, Fotor provides Goart – AI photo effects to make your pictures more artistic

Fotor luxurious frames, sticker, and text make your photographs more vivid and interesting

Fotor can make a collage with multiple pictures

Image Design

Fotor has prepared popular style designs for all kinds of media, from Facebook to Youtube video thumbnails, which can meet the needs of almost all Fotor users.

Fotor high-quality templates and materials

When you select a style, you can find that Fotor has provided a large number of templates that can be used directly. Template themes usually follow the current events and are sorted according to the current events in chronological order, including various holidays, promotions, advertisements, competitions, campus activities, etc. These templates are made by professional designers, with high quality. We just need to make some simple changes, such as changing the logo, adding time and place, and then we can use it directly.

Export&Share your work easily
After editing in Fotor, if you want to see the general effect of your works, you can click preview to see the display effect of the work on Facebook on both mobile phones and PC.

Fotor supports the export of JPG, PNG, and PDF files. Also, you can share your works directly to the Internet

An online photo processing tool for all ages
In my opinion, Fotor is not suitable for professional designers, but a quick image processing tool for social media managers, influencers, twitterholic and people who like to take photos and share. Fotor creates a simple and quick solution for users through excellent templates, built-in materials, and process operations.

Fotor does not need you to have a design skill, but it can ensure the quality of the work, and the processing is simple and fast. Fotor may be the handiest tool for many bloggers and social media managers.

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