Our Best Professional LR Presets, PS Actions, and Photo Retouching Services for Photo Editing

We've launched an online store that works with Fixthephoto, and it offers professional LR Presets, PS Actions, PS Overlays, PS Textures, Mobile Presets, LUTs, Video Overlays, and Photo Retouching Services. I believe our Fixthephoto Store can help fashion photographers make their shots unique and eye-catching! These presets are powerful, fast, and easy to install and are designed for professional photographers. Professional photographers can use these presets to save much time.

Lr Presets is a set of settings for fast photo color correction. For example, the Lr presets can make a photo lighter or darker, colors richer or can selectively change the colors of your photo. They work on Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile.

How to Install Lightroom Presets

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PS Actions can work only on Photoshop Desktop. These are complex settings that can change the photo itself, not just colors. The Ps Actions add different effects, for example, a magical glow.

How to Use Photoshop Action

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PS Overlays are special images without a background that can be applied to the photo. They can add, for example, fireworks, rose petals or sun rays to the photo. The Ps Overlays can be applied in Photoshop.

How to Soap Bubbles Overlays

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Mobile Presets is a set of settings for fast mobile photo color correction. For example, they make a photo lighter or darker, make colors richer or can selectively change the colors of the photo. The Mobile Presets work in the Lightroom Mobile App.

How To Apply Presets in Lightroom Mobile

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LUTs are sets of settings for video color grading. Sometimes, they can be used for photos too. They are similar to Lr Presets. You can apply a special color toning or make the video lighter, darker, more saturated in specialized video editing programs.

Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, etc.
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PS Textures are special images that feature a texture, such as wood or paper. In Photoshop, for example, you can add a piece of wooden floor or replace the background.

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Photo Editing – packages for editing photos of different levels of complexity. After purchasing the service package, a personal manager contacts your client to clarify all the details of the order. Photos are sent to us for editing and after a few days your customer receives edited images. Everything is simple and fast!

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Fast turnaround from 2 to 5 days! All photo editing work is carried out by professional retouchers, the highest level of quality is guaranteed. FixThePhoto has been engaged in the photo editing sphere since 2003! We have extensive experience and thousands of satisfied customers: from professional photographers to ordinary users. Your subscribers will be 100% satisfied with the results!

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