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Do you find it frustrating when you have to go searching for different apps on your Mac? What if you could keep all your important apps in one place where they’re easily found?

With MacPaw’s Setapp, you can! This box of delights neatly contains over 170 apps in different categories. There are apps for productivity, creativity, programming, optimizing your Mac’s performance, video recording software, photo editing software - the list goes on and on.

For one monthly subscription, you have access to the huge array of apps included in Setapp - and you can have them all, or just download the ones you need to keep things streamlined - it’s your choice.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the things Setapp has to offer in different categories:


Setapp has a bunch of apps that will keep your Mac running sweet and fast, as well as getting rid of desktop junk, duplicate files, and recovering lost data.

CleanMyMac X packs a lot of punch, and it will optimize Mac, uninstall apps, find and remove malware, as well as protecting your sensitive data and freeing up disk space.

iStatMenus is a genius app that lives in your Mac menu bar and gives you all the important info about your system at a glance when you click on the dropdown.

Use it as a CPU monitor, and keep an eye on your memory load, system temperature, disk space, and battery life, as well as other important info.

In the Maintenance category, there’s also apps for backing up your Mac, extending the battery life, and managing and backing up from iOS and Android devices on your Mac, as well as several more (I haven’t got the space to go into detail on each one, but you get the picture!)


We all love lifestyle apps, don’t we! Setapp has gathered a huge amount of useful lifestyle apps together, and they are all neatly kept inside Setapp so you will always be able to find the one you want fast.

There’s photo editing software, such as TouchRetouch to edit photos exactly how you want them, and if you want to organize photos, then meet Emulsion - your new photo manager!

If you want to download media from the web there’s Downie, and some of the other apps include MacGourmet Deluxe for recipes, MoneyWiz for keeping your finances on track, and many others for every imaginable lifestyle need.


Productivity apps are another category we all seem to love, and there’s no shortage of them in Setapp!

If task focus is required, HazeOver is a good productivity app, and Switchem lets you group your apps by task so you can switch seamlessly from one workspace to another.

If you’re after a clipboard manager, Paste and Unclutter are two very good choices. Paste will make fast work of your copy-pasting, and Unclutter is also a desktop sticky-notes app and a drag-and-drop file manager.

Numi is a super-powered calculator, and Mate Translate is your handy translator. There are apps for your calendar organization, creating mind maps, speeding up your typing, time tracking, and file sharing, among others.

Mac Hacks

There’s nothing like a good hack - whether that be for life or your Mac! There are a plethora of apps to shortcut your way through your Mac with ease. Bartender organizes your Mac menu bar and keeps your desktop tidy while remaining unobtrusive in the background.

There are also apps for storing your passwords and sensitive data, stopping your Mac from going to sleep, squeezing PDFs, accessing any computer from your Mac, and many more.


If you want to unleash your inner creative, then the apps in the Creativity category were made for you.

Capto is video recording software that lets you record your screen, and is also comprehensive video editing software and screenshot editor. It’s great for creating tutorials, and you can add annotations and voice-overs too.

If sketching is your thing, then Tayasui Sketches lets you draw effortlessly with a selection of brushes.

There are apps for creating mockups to showcase your products, design with colors like a pro, mix music tracks, and convert any image into an icon - and many more.

Install as many apps as you want

This is just a quick run-through of just a few apps that you can get in Setapp. With over 170 apps available in Setapp’s Mac app collective subscription platform, this article would be the size of War and Peace if I were to go into every one of them in-depth!

Other app categories included in Setapp are Developer Tools, Education, Writing and Blogging, and Personal Finance.

You pay a monthly subscription to Setapp, and download the apps you want, as you want them. The apps are all contained within the Setapp app in your Mac, so you won’t end up with hundreds of apps cluttering up your system - Setapp keeps them all neatly in one place, which is so convenient.

You can sign up for a free trial of Setapp, so you can see if you like it before committing to a subscription. What are you waiting for - give it a try and see if it makes a difference!


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