The Best Unpopular/Unknown Windows Apps, once used it, can't live without it. (1)

  1. Screen Capture
  2. Screen Recorder
  3. Gif Recorder
  4. System Maintenance
  5. Watermark remove and photo cutout
  6. Download Manager
  7. Desktop Utilities
  8. Fast File Search / Launcher
  9. Fast File Copy / Windows File Quick Look
  10. Uninstaller
We've got many users' feedback. Here I list the useful and practical software that once used it, can't live without it. I hope this list will be helpful for you.


Snipaste is a simple and powerful screen capture tool. It has other similar screen capture almost all features, but it has its useful and unique features, that you can use the image as a window to display, customize the theme color, interface font, notification bar icon, other shortcuts, and conveniently label images. Its best useful feature is its texture function. That's right, the texture feature solves many users’ requirements: pin the screenshot to the top of the screen, so that we can convenient to refer to the reference, and no need of switching back and forth between the various tools. Besides, the details of the boundary of the screenshot, partial selection of blur, mosaic, use of different shapes for screenshots, etc. are also available, free of charge, no ads. partial selection of blur, mosaic, use of different shapes for screenshots, etc. are also available, free of charge, no ads.

FastStone Capture

FSCapture is a superb screen capture tool that supports to capture scrolling screenshots. It supports image various image editing (provide zoom, rotation, subtraction, color adjustment), screen recording functions, supports almost all the image formats: like BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA etc, and it also supports auxiliary functions such as magnifying glass, color picker, and ruler. It's small and simple. With this small interface, you can view images, edit images, and capture various kinds of fancy screenshots, such as you can capture the active window, capture the window by shape, capture the full screen, etc. The function of capturing the scroll window is like to capture the long screen on the mobile phone or to scroll through the long webpage on the computer. (However, you may find that many websites have tabbed pages, so you can't cut the entire content at once. Don’t worried about it, because we can solve it entirely with a script that automatically flips pages in one screen.) There is also a small tip: it is convenient to send the screenshot directly to the clipboard instead of opening it in the program.


This is a full-featured screen capture tool. It supports users to make various kinds of screen capture. In the most screen capture programs, the features of picpick are the most. Besides many different types of screen capture, users can also quickly use the small functions like color picker, protractor, ruler and so on.


This is a full-featured screen capture tool. It supports users to make various kinds of screen capture (Screen Recording, Game Recording, Audio Recording). In the most screen capture programs, the features of picpick are the most. Besides many different types of screen capture, users can also quickly use the small functions like color picker, protractor, ruler and so on.

Screen to GIF

As we mentioned about pickick above, here we have to talk about GIF recording software. Compared to Picpick, this is a similar type of software as Picpick, but it is the best GIF recording tool. If you prefer to record GIF, then choose it. No need to be installed and it supports screen recording / camera recording / whiteboard recording / editing GIF map. After downloading it, you can use it directly without installing it.


This is suitable for some simple gif animation recordings. I often use it to get some useful illustration images in my articles, because it is very convenient and small. The recording window will always remain at the top, and during the recording process, you can adjust the window size, pause the process, and will combine with recorded content into a gif. The exported file supports frame-by-frame presentations. Moreover, its developer is working on more gif editing features.


We often running many programs when we use the computer, that will take up too much system resources, and usually, it will cause the computer system crash. So if there is a software that can monitor the data of various system information such as CPU and network status in real time, that will be very useful for us, because we can clean up and close some unneeded programs in time when it reports a high system memory usage, that we can keep the computer running smoothly. This App is a paid App, but it’s also free to use. The free version only allows you to get the 3 seconds of data refresh rate, so if you want to have a faster refresh rate, you need to pay for its upgrade version. For me, 3 seconds is enough.


PhotoScissors is a useful and practical smart background removal, and photo cutout software. It supports both automatic and manual modes. It’s very easy to use. The green plus sign draws the object that needs to be picked out. The red minus sign draws the unwanted object, and then automatically cut out the photo. By my test, the result is good.


This is a magical watermark removal tool. It can not only remove watermark but can also easily and quickly cut out the unwanted part of the photo, such as if you took a photo and found that there are other people passed by in photo, that will affect the overall photo effect, so here we do not need to spend a long time to use Photoshop to edit the photo, instead of PS, the inpaint will quickly help you solve this problem, for example, I just want to share it with my friends to show my heroic posture on the parachute, but if there are other people passed by and grabbed the focus of the photo, what should I do? It’s easy, select the image area that you want to remove, and then click "Process" to complete, the whole operation process is so easy.
PS: there are trial and paid versions.


I personally recommend this Windows downloader, IDM. It’s very powerful but lightweight. It integrates seamlessly into all popular browsers, supports browser plug-ins, multipart downloads, batch downloading of files, and various multimedia file downloads. It also supports cloud files for unlimited downloads, and the download speed is very fast.


Fliqlo is a minimalistic clock screensaver, both suitable for windows and mac. It supports the full-screen display, page-turning clock, and the time that displayed on the screensaver will be synchronized with the system. It can instantly improve the quality of our computers (as if we changed a new minimalistic computer), and this will attract so much people’s attention. Fliqlo is FREE on PC and Mac, and it is also available on the ios, but you need to pay for it in the app store.


Tickeys is a small desktop App. Its function is very simple, just add sound effects to your typing. The sound effects include bubbling, mechanical keyboard, piano, typewriter, etc., I personally like its mechanical keyboard sound effect, that is to let your normal keyboard typing have the sound as if typing on the mechanical keyboard. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.


This is a utility that is to enhance and embellish the system through font rendering enhancement. We all know that poor font rendering is always a big Cons in Windows, and the MacType is designed for solving this problem. It can change the font display of the system through loading registries, service loading, and tray loading, to provide us with a better visual effect.


Rainmeter is an extremely powerful desktop customization utility. It has been established an active community by many users. It can highly customize the desktop. In addition to adding distinctive icons to the desktop, it also supports dynamic desktops, displaying time and displaying CPU status. Just like this desktop, its functional icons are displayed on the right, and the Network status can be displayed in the lower right corner. If you want to make your desktop more distinctive, you will love Rainmeter.


It is a fantastic local files search program. Anyone used it say it's good and recommend it. The best function is to search by folders, especially when the selection box is popped up, and its double-click Ctrl setting is very convenient and quick to search files, but for this, you need to set it by yourself.


This is another amazing file search program that is as good as Everything. Compared to Everything (Everything is a local file search tool), Listray is much less popular than Everything, but it is ranked 5 stars in both CNET and SofttPedia user ratings. The reason I choose Listray is very simple. The file search speed is similar to Everything, but the open method is more convenient: just "double-click Ctrl" to directly search the computer local files.


Alfred is the most popular efficiency launcher on the Mac. It is a launcher App that allows you quick file search and custom actions through an input box, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. It can be seen as an enhanced version of macOS default launch function Spotlight. Besides quickly launching programs, calculating formulas, and searching for everything, it also has a great number of plugins and extensions. Alfred is free, but you want to use a more advanced feature, you need to pay to activate the PowerPack feature.

Total commander

TC is known as the most powerful file manager on the Windows. This program is all about file operations, that is to say, any normal operations on files such as copy and paste, search and view, compression and decompression, and unusual FTP usage can be done on the TC. Some of these features are also available in other professional software, but the most powerful option of TC is it provides almost all the file process functions and may be more convenient than some professional software. It can be said that it is a “Bucket Meal” about computer files.


This is a small useful fast copying software, that is developed from Japan. We often need to do file copy and paste when we use the computer. But if we need to copy a large file, what only we can do is to wait. You know copying large files may cause the system to become slow or even worse: the system crashed. I use this program to copy files instead of the windows system default file copy function. With this program, the transfer rate has reached more than 60 MB/s, and it takes only half a minute to transfer a 2.5 GB file. According to the normal file copy speed, it will take more than 1 minute to complete the process so that FastCopy will save 50% of the time, now if you want to save time, Fastcopy is a good choice.

Office Tab

This is definitely an amazing plugin when we use the office Word, Excel and PPT. Actually, its function is very simple, it let the multiple open files in one window when using office products like word, excel, ppt, just like we did when using a browser. There are many advantages. First, it will make the process more smooth, second, and it can save or close all the opened files in one click (of cause you can also selectively close the files). And moreover, you know we often find the opened word file can’t be renamed on the desktop, but with Officetab, we can rename the opened file by clicking “rename” button in the context menu of the tag. There is also a disadvantage when we have to compare two documents at the same time, it’s very inconvenient, but we can use the screen capture tool - Snipaste to solve this problem.


Office Tab is an extension of the Windows Explorer, that makes the document window display the label like a browser, and Clover is to enable the Windows Explorer to use multi-labeling. We can use window operations faster through multiple hotkeys, such as Ctrl+T to open the page, Ctrl+W to close the page, and Ctrl+Tab to switch the page. For example, for some subfolders that we need to frequently open, we can drag them to the bookmarks bar, then open them in second. Clover is used as a plugin, so we don’t need to learn how to use it as a new program, and we can keep our habit of using file management. In short, Clover allows us to manage the files like we use a browser. If you are not used to the Total Commander, you can try this one.


This is a windows quick preview tool. You know quick preview is a convenient way to check or confirm some files, no need of opening the files. Seer supports images, music, videos, archives, office files (requires to add a MsOffice plugin), pdf, and more. You can also copy text from the preview file, and there is more useful usage of this tool.

Geek Uninstaller

GeekUninstaller is a free program uninstaller, very easy to use, lightweight, only 6M. It’s portable, no need for the installation. It has powerful features including Clean Removal, Force Removal, delete entries, browse registries, open installation Folders, and other operations.

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