The Best Unpopular/Unknown Windows Apps, once used it, can't live without it. (2)

  1. Text Expander/Clipboard Enhancement
  2. Text Editor / Note
  3. E-book Management
  4. HTPC Media Center
  5. Image Enlarger without quality loss
  6. Password Manager


PhraseExpress has useful functions, clipboard enhancement and setting hotkey. It is designed to help you quickly input text, effectively reduce the work, improve the accuracy of entry, and save you from having to input a lot of duplicate content at work, get rid of the trouble of copy and paste again and again.


NotePad++ is a lightweight code editor, that most programmers prefer to use it. It is written in C++ with the Win32 API and STL, and the editing module is the powerful Scintilla, that also enhances many functions and algorithms. It will bring good editing efficiency even under a lower CPU power. Compared to the Windows default built-in Notepad, NotePad++ is more friendly to programmers. I think NotePad++ is a perfect replacement of Window Notepad because NotePad++ supports various encodings (Windows Notepad default encoding is ANS, poor compatible with Linux), has clean and straightforward code coloring, and extremely high process efficiency.


Knowte is a kind of clean UWP style note App for users to easily write and organize their notes. Its features are not as many as other similar note App, but enough for everyday use. The editor is also a simple text editor, and just a few settings and shortcuts make it look more simple to use. The UWP style is adopted in the whole design. The UI is simple and clear, and it can automatically correspond to the system theme color, very brilliant and comfortable. If you don't have a note App yet, why not try Knowte.


If you are a Kindle user, you must be aware of the Calibre, a popular eBook management App. It’s one of the best source software. It’s compatible with almost all ebook formats, and you can do any ebooks related operations in Calibre, like book management, file format conversion, news acquisition, ebook editing, etc., almost everything. Its UI was a bit outdated, but the new version has been improved a lot. I don't think there is any reason to refuse to use it. If you are an ebook enthusiast, you should have it a try.


If you don't want to buy any TV box, but want to watch your PC video on your TV. So is there any other solutions, except using the TV as a large monitor? Yes, there is. MediaPortal 2 can turn a PC into a versatile media management center. You can directly display the videos, photos, music and other files from your computer to the TV by just connecting to the TV. If you have an old PC that you no longer use, it's a good choice to install MediaPortal 2 on it to make it work again for the TV.


If you think that the blurred images can't be made clear, the small image can’t be enlarged, when the AI technology come out, all these impossibility will become history. Bigjpg is an online AI intelligence image enlargement service website. It uses a deep learning technique, a deep convolutional neural network with a special algorithm adjusted for the images’ lines and color, that will complement the noise and sawtooth parts and keep the color well. It makes the enlarging effect excellent, you will not see the bad influences quality in result images. This service is very special, powerful and useful, I recommend it! (Limits: File size 10MB, Resolution 3000x3000px)


KeePassX is a local password management App, a ported version of KeePass, which is now become a full-platform password management tool. KeePassX is very simple, and its password features are enough to use. It uses the AES256 and Twofish algorithms to encrypt the passwords. It also supports automatic sorting, fast backup, and other useful functions.
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