Free and Paid Christmas Lightroom Presets


Make your pictures breath-taking with these free and paid Christmas Lightroom presets available in ColorMango store They are suitable for portrait photographs of families and children, for editing pics from parties or shots taken against a snowy landscape, as well as for enhancing images of various Christmas attributes.

The filters work well with all Lightroom versions installed on Mac and Windows devices. Download these files in Irtemplate and XMP format and enhance your RAW and JPG photos. The filters can be adjusted to match your photo editing style.

1. Free Portrait Lightroom Presets Collection

This set contains mesmerizing free Christmas Lightroom presets. It is great for editing portrait photos taken during Christmas festives. It includes 10 portrait Lr presets suitable for all versions of Lightroom.

The pack includes filters for increasing contrast, saturation, converting photos to B&W, as well as a sun glare effect that is suitable for outdoor pics. Additionally, you can give your photos a retro look or add various artistic effects such as matte and cinematic.

2. Free Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection

Despite its name, this bundle is also helpful when it comes to editing regular family or staged Christmas photos. The set contains 10 filters, including such effects as sunny day, warm, and vintage style.

There is also a soft skin preset. It helps improve skin in portrait pictures by enhancing its color, removing minor defects and making texture smoother. Traditionally, the set features a B&W filter and the one to improve contrast naturally and beautifully.

3. Free Mobile Lightroom Presets Collection

This set of free Christmas Lightroom presets is a real finding for users, who prefer editing photos on mobile devices. The collection includes ten effects specifically optimized for a mobile version of this image editor.

The pack contains a brightening preset for saving bad indoor shots, as well as filters that can improve shades and tones quickly. They are especially good for photos from parties or Christmas Eve celebration. There are also filters that improve skin look and add a matte effect.

4. Let It Snow Lightroom Presets

This set includes 40 professional Christmas filters. Besides, you’ll get a bonus of 60 sepia presets and 10 free brushes. The collection also includes snow presets for horizontal and vertical photos. It allows you to embellish outdoor photos with realistic snowflakes.

These amazing filters improve contrast, brighten dark photos, and also enhance the color palette. Almost all presets add a gentle HDR effect to highlight details in an unobtrusive way.

5. Dark Moody Lightroom Presets

This bundle contains 40 filters that can give your shots a more artistic and cinematic look. They make the entire color palette more saturated, which is especially beneficial for images where black color has a dirty look. Besides, the colors will become slightly muted in order not to turn a finished picture into a multi-colored flashy garland.

Downloading this bundle, you get extra 10 mobile filters for efficient photo processing on the go. There is also a gift in the form of 10 brushes for more artistic experiments. The set can be safely used for commercial purposes.

6. Vintage Love Lightroom Presets

This collection is equally helpful for editing love story pictures taken at any time of the year and atmospheric Christmas photos. Any Christmas Lightroom preset from this set can be used for improving portrait images taken indoors and outdoors. The pack contains 60 presets for professional color correction, 10 mobile presets, and 10 free brushes. Besides, you get 60 sepia presets as a bonus.

These vintage love Lr filters allow you to remove yellowness from photos, make the color palette brighter and more saturated, raise contrast, add matte and sunny weather effects to outdoor shots.

7. Chocolate Effect Lightroom Presets

The chocolate shades in the images are very popular this year. This amazing filter pack allows you to achieve that particular look in just a few clicks. These presets are real helpers for active Instagram users, beginners and experienced shooters, as well as avid bloggers who want to add some warm chocolate touches to their feed.

After applying these presets, the pictures become deeper and more saturated. The entire color panel acquires a balanced look with nice transitions. Besides, dark photos will become lighter. The set includes 25 chocolate effect presets as well as 10 brushes and 10 mobile filters. The presets come in two popular formats and work with various Lr versions.

8. Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets

A 40-piece collection of professional presets for portrait editing. It comes with a bonus set of 70 black and white presets. Moreover, you get a wonderful bundle of 42 brushes for time-efficient image editing.
These filters improve white balance, make your photos look brighter and lighter, and improve the color palette. Also, the presets significantly enhance the skin, remove minor imperfections and add smoothness to the texture. Besides, you can make models’ eyes more expressive and brighter. With such an amazing bundle of presets, you can turn your boring photos into captivating masterpieces with ease.

9. Newborn Pro Lightroom Presets

It's hard to imagine holiday photos without children. So, if you have pictures with kids, then this set is a must-use for fast image editing. The collection includes 40 presets and 42 brushes that allow you to lighten pictures and make baby's skin look healthy, get rid of redness, etc.

The presets also improve the overall color palette of a photo, making colors more saturated. The set includes lots of well-designed presets that are specifically designed for editing baby photos.

10. Cinematic Colors Collection

This is a perfect set of presets for street and studio images that can benefit from a "cinematic" touch. These filters make even ordinary scenes more interesting by enhancing contrast, making colors brighter and adding a subtle HDR effect.

By applying these Christmas Lightroom presets, you can make colors a bit muted, enhance faces in portrait photos by equalizing tones, and raise saturation in overcast and dark pics. The set includes 40 presets for PC, 10 mobile presets, and 10 brushes.

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